Terms of trade for clinical trials

Auckland DHB terms of trade for clinical trials template [DOC, 116 KB]

Clinical trials costing tool

Available from New Zealand Association of Clinical Research website(external link)

The aim of the tool is to provide a resource that:

  • Provides all parties in the clinical trials industry with a clear and consistent understanding of what the various components and terms involved in costing for clinical trials mean.
  • Gives research teams and their organisations a clear and accurate picture of the financial implications of conducting a trial so that decisions can be made based on sound information.
  • Is sufficiently uncomplicated (despite the complexity of clinical trial costing) that it can be used by busy research teams whether or not there is dedicated assistance and support within the organisation.

Guide to writing

Writing a study protocol [DOC, 55 KB] 

Checklist for interventional study protocols (SPIRIT 2013) [PDF, 115 KB]

Writing a consent form [DOC, 78 KB] 

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses (PRISMA 2015)(external link)

Quality Improvement projects

Guide for involving patients in QI projects [DOC, 54 KB] 

Patient information and consent [DOC, 82 KB] 

Health advocates

If you have any questions or concerns about your rights as a participant in a research study you can contact an independent health and disability advocate. This is a free service provided under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act.
Phone: 0800 555 050
Free fax: 0800 2787 7678 (0800 2 SUPPORT)
Email: advocacy@hdc.org.nz

ICH - GCP Training

ICH-GCP is the international ethical and quality standard describing the responsibilities and expectations for the conduct of research involving human participants, including the design, execution, recording and reporting of clinical trials.

The standard is consistent with principles that have their origin in the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki and, compliance provides assurance of the protection of the rights of research participants, the integrity of study data and the conclusiveness of study results.

European Medicines guideline for good medical practice(external link)

Auckland DHB is committed to clinical research excellence and growing capability in the research workforce. 

Evidence of recent ICH-GCP training has been compulsory for all named investigators on new applications for research approval of interventional studies at ADHB. Transcelerate BioPharma Inc (free) [DOC, 626 KB]

List of physicists for hire [PDF, 28 KB]