• Function as a sub-committee of the Clinical Board advising the CEO on research and contracts, particularly in areas of innovation, quality and risk.
  • Act as a scientific advisory committee and review and approve all research that involves Auckland DHB.
  • Provide peer oversight and expert advice to enable the organisation to achieve Auckland DHB goals of supporting and promoting high quality research.
  • Advise on ways of encouraging more research activity in the organisation.
  • Identify areas of potential growth in high quality research and to promote mechanisms to stimulate appropriate research programmes in such areas.
  • Oversee and promote the development and implementation of the Auckland DHB research strategy.
  • Provide a conduit for the accountability of researchers via the Clinical Board, CEO and the Board.
  • Establish a sub-committee (if necessary) to review research applications.

Note full terms of reference for the Research Review Committee [PDF, 35 KB] are available.

Reviewing and approving research at the Auckland DHB

Research will need to at a minimum, demonstrate the following characteristics:

All research is reviewed by the Research Review Committee using the appropriate application form and accompanied by a full budget and other supportive documentation as described above.

The RRC meet monthly and the committee’s decision and feedback will be forwarded to the investigator usually within two working days after each meeting. If small changes are required, the researcher can make these changes and submit them to the Research Office who will respond within two working days.


Kim Brackley, Tin Chiu, Michael Collins, Sanjeev Deva, Kevin Ellyett, Iris Fontanilla, Lalit Kalra, Andrew Knox, Helen Lindsay, Colin McArthur (Chair), Stephen Ritchie, Michael Shepherd, Ken Whyte, Michelle Wilson.

Research Review Committee 2020 agenda deadlines and meeting dates

The Research Office requests that all documentation required for the RRC is received at the office by 5pm on the Monday two weeks before the meeting. 

Applications to Research Office

RRC Meeting Date

6th Jan 2020

20th Jan 2020

10th Feb 2020

24th Feb 2020

2nd Mar 2020

16th Mar 2020

 23rd Mar 2020

6th April 2020

 4th May 2020

18th May 2020

 8th June 2020

22nd June 2020

 13th July 2020

27th July 2020

10th Aug 2020

24th Aug 2020

 7th Sept 2020

21st Sept 2020

 5th Oct 2020

19th Oct 2020

 9th Nov 2020

23rd Nov 2020

 30th Nov 2020

14th Dec 2020


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