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Welcome to Career Med

The information in these pages is designed to provide medical graduates with the information necessary to make important career decisions. 

The experience that you have and the professionals you encounter during your first years as a doctor will influence your eventual choice of careers.  CareerMed offers you a structured way of thinking about your options and your choice of specialty. You will gain some insights into who you are as a person and what you are looking for in a job or specialty.

General advice:

  • The CareerMed Page has some good recordings from the Career’s Fair from 2018/2019: internal medicine, radiology, anaesthetics, general surgery - please be aware some of this information might be outdated.
  • Make sure to check the specialty websites and familiarise yourself with their guidelines. Check the training regulations every year, to make sure you catch any changes.
  • Talk to people who are currently trying to get onto these programs, or have recently got onto these programs to ask how to make yourself the best candidate that you can.
  • All prerequisite exams/courses are reimbursable on your MECA contract, so long as they work towards your planned vocational pathway.
    • Discuss with your prevocational educational supervisor (PES) so they know what pathway you are planning towards.
  • Many other courses are also reimbursable, provided you can demonstrate they progress you along your vocational pathway.
    • You can always email the hospital you work at, or the Union to check what items will be reimburse-able.
    • Your PES can assist with these discussions if you have expressed your desire to pursue a specific pathway with them.
    • If you are an SToNZ member, you will accrue a CME credit after your first year of membership.
      • You can check this balance and use it to fund courses, conferences or equipment that is not reimbursable otherwise.