He Kamaka Waiora Māori Health Research Services

Māori Health Services across the Auckland and Waitemata District Health Boards amalgamated in 2012; both DHBs are committed to addressing inequalities at all levels, including the research environment. The primary function of He Kamaka Waiora Māori Health Research Services(external link) is to support research capability and capacity, and it's available for research activity at both Waitemata and Auckland DHBs. http://staffnet/mhsresearch(external link)

Māori research assessment 

Assessment of research projects' responsiveness to Māori is a component of the services offered by the Auckland DHB Research Office. The process enables researchers to meet the requirements of the Treaty of Waitangi and Tikanga Best Practice. The Auckland DHB research application forms both have a section for Responsiveness to Māori that must be completed for all projects. When you have submitted your application form and other study documents to the Research Office, the Māori review will be automatically organised for you. The review is performed either by the Māori Advisor for Research or the Kaupapa Māori Research Analyst but you do not need to contact them separately.  The Auckland DHB Research Office will facilitate this review for you.

After the completion of the Māori research assessment, a letter of support will be sent to you showing that a process of formal research review has taken place.

The criteria used for Maori research assessment can be viewed through this intranet link  http://staffnet/mhsresearch/MaoriResearchAssess.asp(external link)

Cultural and research support for patients

The following are details that must be included in your participants' information sheets:
1. For support, talk to your whānau in the first instance. 2. Alternatively you may contact the administrator for He Kamaka Waiora Māori Health Team on 09 486 8324 ext 2324. 3. The Māori Research Committee has requested that the following details be added to the information or consent form: If you have any questions or complaints about the study, you may contact the Auckland and Waitematā District Health Boards' Māori Research Committee or Māori Research Advisor by phoning 09 486 8920 ext 3204.

Consultation with Māori

The assessment process above does not exclude your responsibility to undertake separate consultation with Māori regarding your research project. It is expected that some discussion will have been initiated in the development of your study. In the case of some internationally designed studies, it is expected that the processes by which the research will be implemented in New Zealand have also been considered and discussed.

Te Hononga Pūkenga - Māori and Indigenous Researcher Dictionary

Te Hononga Pūkenga - ‘the connection of experts’, was created by Ngā Pae
o te Māramatanga to make Māori and Indigenous research expertise,
location and contact information readily available, in response to the
need for stronger engagement between Māori Researchers and Government,
the wider public/private sector and to facilitate our communities to
access us as Māori & Indigenous researchers.

Find Māori and Indigenous Research Experts: Strategy, Policy Formulation, Field-Research, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications(external link)