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Our volunteers

There are over 400 volunteers working across Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai, Starship Children’s Hospital, Te Whetū Tāwera and Greenlane Clinical Centre. They generously give their time, skills and energy to our patients and their whānau. Their dedication and support are a crucial part of our hospital services.

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Volunteering with us

If you're interested in volunteering, please take a look at the roles we offer, roles with our partner organisations and our FAQs below.

Our Volunteer Positions and Information

See below for more information on volunteer positions at Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai. Positions with vacancies contain a link to apply.

Auckland City Hospital Volunteers

Blue Coat Volunteers

Blue Coat volunteers work across Te Toka Tumai Auckland and Greenlane Clinical Centre. They provide information and assistance to patients and visitors who may need assurance, guidance or a helping hand. They may also accompany visitors to appointments if needed.

Auckland City Hospital is New Zealand's largest public hospital and clinical research facility.

Shift Information (Required one shift per week)

Monday to Friday: 9am-12.30pm, 12.30pm-4pm, 4pm-7.30pm

Saturday: 11am-2.30pm

Applications are temporarily on hold.

Companion Volunteers

Our friendly teams of Companion Volunteers work with patients throughout Auckland Hospital. They engage with patients one-on-one and in group settings through a wide variety of activities, such as playing games, arts and crafts and music.

The Companion Volunteers make a real difference to our patients’ experience. We are looking for people with the following qualities:

  • A compassionate, warm and engaging personality with great listening skills
  • Excellent verbal communication and  English language skills required
  • Confidence in approaching people and starting conversations or engaging them in activities
  • Comfortable in an acute hospital setting
  • Able to commit to 1 x 3-hour shift per week for a minimum of one year.

The Companion Volunteer roles are:

Older People's Health Physical Rehabilitation, Stroke and Neurology volunteers

This friendly team of Companion Volunteers provide non-clinical support to the patients on the 4 Mana Awhi/Older People’s Health Physical Rehabilitation wards as well as an all ages, new state-of-the-art Taiao Ora/Ward 51 stroke and neurology ward. Patients on these wards often experience long hospital stays while rehabilitating from stroke, fractures/falls and are predominately 65 years and over. These patients greatly benefit from companionship as well as support to engage with their physical rehabilitation. Activities on these wards can include conversation, providing books and magazines, encouraging movement, speech practice following stroke, playing music, arts and crafts.

Shifts available: Mon-Fri 10am-1pm and 1pm-4pm


Applications are temporarily on hold.


The General Wards

Due to the success of the Companion Volunteer Programme on our Rehab wards, we have extended this service to the General wards of Auckland City Hospitals. Our friendly volunteers provide non-clinical support to the patients on currently nine general wards of Auckland City Hospital, including General Medicine, Orthopaedics, Urology and Respiratory wards.

Every day is different, our Companion Volunteers interact with a variety of patients of different ages, cultural and social backgrounds through conversation, playing games, providing books and magazines, playing music, arts and crafts.

If you are an initiator and a team player with great communication skills, we would love to have you on this team!

Shifts available: Mon-Fri 10.30am-1.30pm and 4pm-7pm

Sat: 10.30am-1.30pm

Applications are temporarily on hold.

Greenlane Clinical Centre Volunteers

Blue Coat Volunteers

Blue Coat volunteers work across Auckland City Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre. They provide information and assistance to patients and visitors who may need assurance, guidance or a helping hand. They may also accompany visitors to appointments if needed. 

Greenlane Clinical Centre is a day clinic where you will be helping with day-stay patients and their families.

Shift Information (Required one shift per week)

Monday to Friday - 8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm     

Apply here now.

Starship Children's Hospital Volunteers

There are many different volunteer roles operating in Starship, to suit a wide range of skills and interests. Vacancies change often, so please check out the roles below and think about what looks like the role for you! If your first choice is not available we may be able to find you another great role.

Starship Family Support

Your job is to provide support, orientation and companionship for parents and caregivers. Your contact with the families is by referral and volunteers spend time with families at often stressful times.

Shift times are:

Monday – Friday 10am - 12pm

Starship Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy programme volunteers facilitate the visit of specially selected and trained Hato Hone St John therapy pets and their owners onto the Starship Hospital wards. The role of the Pet Therapy volunteer is to guide them to the Starship wards, liaise with staff, organise the visits from the children and ensure hygiene is maintained at all times.

Shift times are: Wednesday 11am – 12.30pm and Saturday 10.30am – 12pm

Starship Hospital Grandparents

The Hospital Grandparents provide care support on a one-on-one basis for children and their families. Hospital Grandparents care mainly for children whose families cannot be with them all the time. They provide care support to long-term patients and children from out of town and sometimes are with children while they undergo procedures such as x-rays, blood transfusions and chemotherapy.

Shift times are:

Monday – Friday 10am - 12pm

Starship Play and Recreation

Working under the supervision of the hospital play specialist, volunteers provide activities in the Starship wards and outpatient playrooms. Your work helps children cope with the anxiety and stress they may feel during their time in hospital.

Shift information

Monday to Friday - 3-hour shift times flexible between 8.30am-4pm.


Starship School Assistant

School assistant volunteers assist qualified teachers in the on-site hospital school. They provide one-on-one help to children in the classroom. Volunteers may assist children in their rooms.

Shift information: Monday to Friday - 9.45am-11.45am, 1pm-3pm.

Starship Information Desk

This volunteer service provides non-medical assistance to patients, parents, other relatives and visitors to the hospital. Their role is to meet and greet patients/families on arrival and to offer assistance to get them to clinics, wards and other facilities as required. Often people coming into the hospital are under stress and need reassurance and helpful assistance.

We ask that you commit to a minimum of one shift per week for one year, as it can take some time to become familiar with the site. We aim to have a strong, committed team.

Shift times are:

Monday to Friday

  • 10am-1pm
  • 1pm-4pm


See something you like?

For the Starship Infodesk ONLY click here to apply

Applications for all other Starship roles are currently on hold.



Te Whetū Tāwera | Auckland City Mental Health Unit volunteers


Te Whetū Tāwera is Auckland City’s Mental Health Unit and is situated in the grounds of Auckland Hospital. We are looking for people who can play any instrument proficiently and enjoys sharing their talent and music with others.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email Julie Hagan at or phone 021 726 056.

Activity volunteers

Do you play Chess? Do you enjoy Board games – Snakes and Ladders, Pictionary, Draughts? Do you play Table Tennis? 

If you enjoy activities like these and sitting and chatting with people, please come and join us at the Auckland City Mental Health Unit -  Te Whetu Tawera. You will be part of a team of volunteers who love coming in, chatting, and taking part in activities with our service users.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

No current vacancies. 

Administration volunteers

Administration volunteers

From time-to-time, administration volunteers are required to support a staff member or to work in the Volunteer Centre. This role is supportive and requires a helpful and practical attitude. The desired skills are:

  • General office skills (filing, photocopying, data entry, taking phone messages and responding to emails).
  • Competence with computers.
  • Keeping brochures and booklets updated.
  • Special projects.

Shift information: Flexible, to suit your lifestyle.

No current vacancies.

Writer for Quarterly newsletter 

This role is to assist the volunteer manager in putting the quarterly Auckland DHB volunteers' newsletters together. This newsletter has a large readership within Auckland DHB and therefore we are looking for a person with:

  • Creative writing skills
  • Experienced with page design
  • Comfortable working with Microsoft Publisher.

Putting the 12-14 page newsletter together takes approximately 20 hours.

Shift information: Flexible to suit your lifestyle.

No current vacancies.

Volunteer positions with external agencies

These positions are run through external agencies, The Cancer Society, Radio Lollipop, Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy and St John Friends of the Emergency Department. Contact details are below. 

Cancer society volunteers

Oncology Support - Cancer Society Yellow Shirts

It is a challenging time for those going through cancer treatment. To help make it a little easier the Cancer Society has a team of volunteers working in the Auckland City Hospital Oncology Department.

As a volunteer you complement the care given by hospital staff, providing support and comfort to patients and their supporters in the Oncology Clinic, Acute area, Chemotherapy Day Stay and Radiation Therapy Department.

Our volunteers

  • Give a warm welcome to patients and their supporters
  • Offer patients and their supporters’ assistance to obtain help from Oncology Staff.  
  • Offer basic refreshments to patients and visitors and a listening ear with a friendly chat

Volunteer Drivers

The Volunteer Driving Service provides transport to and from cancer treatments and appointments. Our volunteer drivers help people and their families during difficult times. 

Being a volunteer driver may only take a few hours once a week, once a fortnight or even once a month. You can choose to drive as little or as often as you like on days that suit you.

All volunteer drivers are given training and on-going support. A contribution towards travel costs is available.  

To find out more about becoming a Cancer Society volunteer enquire online at, phone us on 09 308 0496 or email us at

Your generosity enables the Cancer Society to support those living with cancer, fund research and advocate for cancer prevention. 

Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy volunteers

Our chaplaincy assistants work with our professionally trained chaplains to provide pastoral care and spiritual support to our patients, their whānau, and family and hospital staff. Our hospital chaplains are trained professionals. Chaplains respect a person's individual beliefs and will support all people. Our chaplains visit the wards daily and try to see as many people as possible.​​

Both the chaplains and chaplaincy assistants are employed by the Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy (ICHC). Volunteer chaplaincy assistants must be members of good standing within their church or organisation.

Training is provided and all assistants work under the supervision of a chaplain. For those considering being a volunteer chaplaincy assistant or those who would like to return to volunteer with our team, please contact our Chaplaincy Coordinator Rev Young Jun You on 021 916 569 or

Starship Radio Lollipop volunteers

Radio Lollipop is an independent international not-for-profit organisation. It provides play and radio programmes in Starship Children’s Hospital. Volunteers visit the children in the wards with games and activities and on occasion organise theme evenings and special guests.

Volunteers must be willing to attend a compulsory information evening which is held twice a year. You must be reliable, mature and have experience with children and be comfortable around them. For more information visit email or call 093773997 and leave a message.

St John Friends of the Emergency Department volunteers

The St John Friends of the Emergency Department (FEDs) are volunteers who provide comfort, information, reassurance and non-clinical support to patients, whānau and family while they’re waiting to undergo treatment in the emergency department. The work involves:

  • Listening, talking or reading to patients
  • Assisting relatives and family in the whānau room
  • Fetching warm blankets for patients
  • Serving meals and cups of teas

If you want to become a Friend of the Emergency Department, phone St John on 0800 ST JOHN (0800 785 646) or visit for more information.

Volunteering FAQs

Can I volunteer?

We are proud that our volunteers come from all walks of life, all ages and ethnic and religious backgrounds. We seek volunteers that have a mature and caring attitude. Volunteers who speak languages other than English are appreciated. If you meet our eligibility criteria you are most welcome to send in your application online.

We would love to hear from you if you:

  • are aged 18 years of age or over

  • are able to commit to volunteering at least one shift per week

  • are able to commit to volunteering for 12 months or more

  • have no criminal history of violence drug offences, sex offences, or crimes against children, and if you are willing to obtain a Police Check and for some roles a TB and immunity check history through a blood-test.

  • Have received the initial two COVID vaccines plus at least one booster.
  • Are enrolled with a GP/Family Doctor
  • are able to contribute skills and experiences obtained from previous work, or volunteer experience in a similar role, with referees able to attest to this.


How much experience is needed?

While previous volunteer experience is highly regarded, this is by no means a requirement. We encourage a diverse range of applicants and all volunteers receive training as required. No medical knowledge or expertise is required.


What if I don’t meet the criteria?

Most public hospitals within the Auckland area have volunteer programmes.

Will volunteering help me to get a job at the hospital?

Unfortunately, volunteering will not assist you to secure a job at the hospital and we discourage applications from candidates whose motivation is to improve their career prospects. It may of course help you to decide whether a career in health is for you.


Can I choose where I work?

You can apply for the role of your choice and after a discussion with the Volunteer Manager during an interview, a role can be assigned to you based on your availability, skills and experience and in keeping with the hospitals' priorities.


What shifts are available?

The shifts available vary depending on the role, program, and hospital priorities. However, most roles operate between 8am and 7.30pm (please see shift times on listed roles).


How do I apply?

You can apply to volunteer for any off the roles that say apply now and complete the online application. We look forward to hearing from you.

What does the application process involve?

  • You be asked to attend an interview

  • We will ask you to sign a consent form to obtain a National Police Check and for some roles you may be asked for your consent to undergo a blood check here at the Hospital Lab

  • After the interview we will conduct reference checks.


Once I have successfully completed the recruitment screening what is expected of me?
  • You can expect an invitation to return to the Volunteer centre for an induction, where we will introduce you to our health & safety regulations, emergency response and some of our do’s and don’ts.

  • We will provide you with an Auckland DHB ID badge and for some roles we will provide you with a uniform or shirt, for the duration of your volunteering time with us.

  • You will receive training on the job.

  • We organise regular team meetings and/or training days and for some roles we have manuals available.

  • We expect you to honour your commitment to the role, be punctual, reliable and inform us in a timely manner of any pending absences.

  • Work co-operatively with staff and act as part of a team

  • Respect patient and family’s privacy, confidentiality and cultural differences

  • Adhere to our rules and regulations

  • Communicate any hazard and relevant information to the Volunteer Manager

  • To have fun and enjoy your role.

What about Corporate Volunteering?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer short-term, single day volunteering for groups or individuals. This is because of the time it takes – usually up to 4 weeks – to successfully complete the recruitment and induction process. We do this to safeguard our vulnerable patients.


Can I undertake my high school community service or Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer requirements?

Due to the minimum age and time commitment required, our volunteer program is not suitable for school community service or Duke of Edinburgh requirements.