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Get help for a sexual assault more than seven days ago

Have you been sexually assaulted more than 7 days ago?

We welcome you to see us for an examination called a therapeutic. This focuses on your wellbeing and any health concerns you think may be related to the previous sexual assault. It is your decision if you want the police involved.

It’s really common for anyone who has been sexually assaulted or abused at any age to worry about things like:

  • Was I damaged in some way?

  • Could I have caught an infection?

  • Could I still report to police because of concerns about others being harmed?

  • Am I still a virgin?

  • Can other people tell what’s happened to me (especially sexual partners)?

How to get seen for a therapeutic examination

There are many ways to access our services:

  • Contact a crisis support service 

  • Ask your GP, Family Planning clinic, or Sexual Health clinic to refer you

  • Ask the hospital or urgent care clinic to refer you

  • Phone us on 0800 345 695.
  • Contact the police (this does not mean that you have to make a formal complaint).