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Psychometric testing

The Sci59 Online is a specialty choice inventory that was developed by the Open University in the United Kingdom. The Sci59 Online was developed by the Open University in the UK. Although it was developed based on British doctors, there are some universal commonalities about the specialties and the people working within them that apply to the New Zealand situation.

The inventory covers all the current training options listed by the Postgraduate Medical Education Training Board (PMETB) and, with one or two small exceptions, is a reasonable reflection of the specialties available in New Zealand. It was designed especially for the selection of medical careers and specialties, and matches an individual’s personal and professional characteristics and aspirations to appropriate specialty choices. It will also provide you with suggestions for further research and information gathering.

Sci59 Online can be used to help people at any level of training reflect on or make their own career choices; it does not make the choice for you. It can help by guiding you to look at areas that you may not have thought about before or areas that need further exploration or consideration. It will give you several specialties considered to be a good match with your personal profile as well as those that are probably not as good a match.

Access to the test

Access is by password only, obtainable from the Clinical Education Training Unit (CETU)  or by contacting the Open University in the UK directly. Employees of Auckland DHB please email your request to:

When you enter the Sci59 site() go to the drop-down menu at the top called My Sci and choose the option My Surveys. This will open the page for entering your username and password.