Thomas Butchard Hadleigh Thomas 2

Tom and Hadleigh are the key contacts in the Hospital Oral Health Service for the Adult Haematology Service. In Haematology we deal with aggressive cancers requiring urgent treatment. The drugs and therapy we give affect the mouth causing severe changes and complications, and our immunocompromised patients often require urgent attention to dentition to facilitate treatment. As a Haematology Team we have limited experience and training to deal with these complications. However, Hadleigh and Tom are fantastic, skilled, caring members of the Auckland DHB team that provide outstanding care to our Haematology patients. Additionally, they take the time to respond to our questions, squeeze patients in to be seen urgently, and update us regarding changes in our patient’s status. They also provide advice to help us with the next patient. Tom, Hadleigh, and the Oral Health team are an invaluable part of our Haematology service even though we rarely see each other - they go above and beyond for patients, as colleagues, and are true local heroes!

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