webGreta and Marg W 2

Greta is the most patient, caring and kind nurse I have ever come across. She is a strong advocate for her patients. She takes the time to not only provide medical care for her patients, but she takes the time to provide the human touches as well, offering support to patients and their families, cups of tea and food, warm blankets and those extra touches. If myself or any of my family was unwell and ended up in hospital I would be so happy if Greta was our nurse! Greta does all of this day in and day out. Not only does she provide outstanding care to her patients, but she is always there to provide help and assistance to her colleagues. Wherever and whenever she can she is offering to help others out. She is the kind of nurse we all aspire to be, and if we were all like her this world would be a wonderful place. Thank you Greta for the sunshine you bring to AED every time you work.

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