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Volunteering FAQs



Can I volunteer?

We are proud that our volunteers come from all walks of life, all ages and ethnic and religious backgrounds. We seek volunteers that have a mature and caring attitude. Volunteers who speak languages other than English are appreciated. If you meet our eligibility criteria you are most welcome to send in your application online.

We would love to hear from you if you:

  1. are aged 18 years of age or over

  2. are able to commit to volunteering at least one shift per week

  3. are able to commit to volunteering for 12 months or more

  4. have no criminal history of violence drug offences, sex offences, or crimes against children, and if you are willing to obtain a Police Check and for some roles a TB and immunity check history through a blood-test.

  5. are able to contribute skills and experiences obtained from previous work, or volunteer experience in a similar role, with referees able to attest to this.

How much experience is needed?

    While previous volunteer experience is highly regarded, this is by no means a requirement. We encourage a diverse range of applicants and all volunteers will receive training as required. No medical knowledge or expertise is required.


    What if I don’t meet the criteria?

    Most public hospitals within the Auckland area have Volunteer Programs. You could contact the hospital in your area to find out about their opportunities and you could also contact Volunteering Auckland.

    Will volunteering help me to get a job at the hospital?

    Unfortunately, volunteering will not assist you to secure a job at the hospital and we discourage applications from candidates whose motivation is to improve their career prospects. It may of course help you to decide whether a career in health is for you.


    Can I choose where I work?

    You apply for the role of your choice and after a discussion with the Volunteer Manager during an interview, a role can be assigned to you based on your availability, skills and experience and in keeping with the hospital's priorities.


    What shifts are available?

    The shifts available vary depending on the role, program, and hospital priorities. However, most roles operate between 8am and 7.30pm (please see actual shift times with listed roles).


    How do I apply?

    You can apply to volunteer for any off the roles that say apply now and complete the online application. We look forward to hearing from you.

    What does the application process involve?

    • You are asked to attend an interview

    • We will ask you to sign a consent form to obtain a National Police Check and for some roles you may be asked for your consent to undergo a blood check here at the Hospital Lab

    • After the interview, we will conduct reference checks.


    Once I have successfully completed the recruitment screening what is expected of me?
    • You can expect an invitation to return to the Volunteer centre for an induction, where we will introduce you to our health & safety regulations, emergency response, and some of our do’s and don’ts.

    • We will provide you with an Auckland DHB ID badge and for some roles, we will provide you with a uniform or shirt, for the duration of your volunteering time with us.

    • You will receive training on the job.

    • We organise regular team meetings and/or training days and for some roles we have manuals available.

    • We expect you to honour your commitment to the role, be punctual, and reliable and inform us in a timely manner of any pending absences.

    • Work co-operatively with staff and act as part of a team

    • Respect patient and family’s privacy, confidentiality and cultural differences

    • Adhere to our rules and regulations

    • Communicate any hazard and relevant information to the Volunteer Manager

    • To have fun and enjoy your role.


    What about Corporate Volunteering?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to offer short-term, single day volunteering for groups or individuals. This is because of the time it takes – usually up to 4 weeks - to successfully complete the recruitment and induction process. We do this to safeguard our vulnerable patients.


    Can I undertake my high school community service or Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer requirements?

    Due to the minimum age and time commitment required, our volunteer program is not suitable for school community service or Duke of Edinburgh requirements.