For further information about any of our planning documents, contact Julie Helean, or Wendy Bennett.

Annual plans

Annual reports

The report shows outcomes on the clinical and financial goals in the Annual Plan.

Statements of Intent

Alcohol Position Statement

Asian, migrant, and refugee health

Chief Executive's business expenses & gift disclosures

The Auckland DHB publishes these spreadsheets annually. The spreadsheets show the business expenses the CEO,  has incurred as well as any gifts or hospitality over the value of $100.

Child health

Health emergency plan

This plan sets out our emergency management arrangements at national, regional and local levels to maintain a resilient and sustainable health sector during any potential significant health or civil emergency.

Health needs assessment

Health of older people

Kaumātua action plan

The Auckland and Waitemata DHBs Kaumātua Action Plan 2015 – 2018 documents Auckland and Waitemata DHBs attempt to recognise and address the future implications of the changing older Māori population. The impact will be significant and widely felt across the whole heath sector.


Māori health

National Women's Annual Clinical Reports

Northern region health plan

Pacific health

Palliative Care Strategy

This strategy will guide further development of integrated palliative care services across the Auckland DHB district.

Provider services business plan

The Auckland DHB Provider Services Business Plan for 2017/18 outlines the key priorities and focus of Hospital and Community Services to implement the Auckland DHB strategy and achieve our vision of Healthy communities, World-class healthcare, Achieved together.  

Quality accounts

The Quality Account focuses on the achievements we have made against our commitment to make the quality and safety of patient care our highest priority.

Rainbow health report (Affinity Services)

Regional information strategic plan

The Regional Information Strategy supports the transformation to new models of care. Strategies across key information areas underpin the development of a person-centred model and better, more convenient healthcare.

Rheumatic Fever Prevention Plan

Serious Adverse Events report

The Serious Adverse Events reports signal that Auckland DHB has a healthy reporting culture. It is one which is aimed at identifying preventable adverse events and learning from them. This is so that every best effort is made to try and avoid events such as these occurring again.


The Auckland DHB Strategy was approved by the board in June 2016.  This eleven-page document contains the seven strategic themes determined by the board, along with seven strategic mandatories. These themes and mandatories are common across Auckland and Waitemata DHB and refer to work done across both the Funder and Provider arms (ie the full scope of DHB activity). 

System Level Measures Improvement Plan

The Counties Manukau Health and Auckland Waitemata Alliance Leadership Teams have undertaken a joint approach to the development of a System Level Measures improvement plan. Building on the one team theme in the New Zealand Health Strategy, we have co-developed a single improvement plan to ensure streamlined activity and reporting and best use of resources within the health system.