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There is currently COVID-19 in our community which means some changes to our hospitals and clinics. Find out moreAs always, we're here if you need us.

Board and committees

Our Board

The Board is responsible for setting Auckland DHB-wide policy and strategy and evaluating progress. This includes funding health and disability support services, reducing health disparities, and improving health outcomes for Māori. The Board also has a responsibility for planning across a range of health and non-health sectors in order to influence the broader determinants of health.

District Health Boards (DHBs) have 11 members, seven of whom are elected during the three-yearly local body elections. The Ministry of Health appoints four additional members, plus the board's chair. Boards are required to have two Māori representatives and in general should reflect the diversity of people and interests within the district health board area. The board is supported by three advisory committees and the Chief Executive.


Local advisory committees

Under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act, a DHB has three statutory advisory committees; [Community and Public Health Advisory Committee, Hospital Advisory Committee and Disability Support Advisory Committee] which typically consist of both appointed members and elected Board members of the DHB. These committees provide a key means for community voices to be heard. The advisory committees bring recommendations to the Board for consideration and final approval or rejection.