Eligibility & fees

We have a publicly funded healthcare system for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. The Government requires that all patients prove they are eligible to receive publicly funded healthcare and that we gather proof of eligibility status from each patient we see. In the case of an emergency this will be done as soon as possible after care. If you are not eligible for publicly funded healthcare you will be charged for your care.

Proof of eligibility status

If we ask you for proof of eligibility, please do not be offended. This is standard practice for all patients of any background. Even if you are a New Zealand citizen, we are required to confirm your eligibility. This initiative has been introduced in recent years. Patients who have been treated in the past, prior to this initiative, may now be asked to provide documentation to prove their eligibility. We understand that you may find this frustrating; however this will ensure that you are not charged for your appointment by mistake. If you have confirmed your eligibility with another District Health Board (DHB) you must still confirm this when you visit us. Once eligibility status has been recorded by us, patients will not usually be asked again.

You will be asked to provide copies of either:

  • Your passport (including all pages that have a New Zealand immigration stamp or sticker plus the photo page).
  • Your New Zealand birth certificate (and marriage certificate if your last name has changed).
  • Your New Zealand citizen certificate.
  • These details will be recorded in our database.

For more information about eligibility please view our Frequently Asked Questions [PDF, 53 KB] or visit the Ministry of Health’s website (external link)

Sharing information about you

We have a patient enquiries number (09 375 4300). We only give out information about the ward that a particular patient is in and their general condition. If you are a patient and do not want this information shared, please tell a nurse.

Clinical records

Clinical staff are available to discuss your records with you if you wish. You are also entitled to read your clinical records and can have a free copy of your record or any part of it.

Information from your clinical records may be used for clinical audit or to check the quality of the services we provide. Auditors may see personal information in your clinical records, however any information obtained for these purposes will not be used or shared in a way that identifies you.

How to request clinical records

Information on how to request your own record or the record of a dependant or family member can be found here.   

Confirming or changing appointments

Starship Children's Health

Outpatient appointments are held at Greenlane Clinical Centre, Starship Children's Hospital and other community locations. Please check your appointment letter to make sure you have the right place, time and day.

Once you have received a letter with the date, time and place for your child's outpatient appointment, we ask that you confirm your appointment. Please visit Starship Children's Health website for full details (external link)

Greenlane Clinical Centre & Auckland City Hospital

If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, please let us know, as we might be able to give your time to someone else. To cancel or change an appointment, please call the number on your appointment letter as soon as possible.