Data request form

To request data from Auckland Breast Cancer Register (ABCR), the requestor must download and complete the data request form and email it to

By submitting this form, the data requestor agrees to comply with ABCR requirements on the process of requesting and presenting data:

  • All data requests are presented, discussed and approved at the Study Group’s Executive Team meetings. This form has to be received at least a week prior to the meeting. Contact The Register Staff to enquire about meeting dates;
  • Data requests that do not require patient National Health Index (NHI) number may use the ABCR’s Health and Disability Ethics Committee (HDEC) approval number for their research project;
  • At the discretion of the Executive Team, a data extraction and preparation fee may be charged to the data requestor;
  • Only de-identified information from ABCR data are presented or published;
  • ABCSG/ABCR has to be acknowledged as the source of data (or as one of the sources of data) in the research abstract, published work, report or slide presentation;
  • A copy of the published or presented work in any format (Microsoft Word, PDF, Powerpoint or printed copy) must be forwarded to ABCSG/ABCR at the completion of the project;
  • The completed online request form will be acknowledged by one of the Data Managers when received and the decision will be conveyed after the meeting;
  • The data requestor has the obligation to inform ABCR in the event that the research project ceases or discontinues.

GP follow-up form

Click here for a sample of the GP follow-up form for our breast cancer patients.