Revolutionary new stroke treatment allows doctors to remove clots from the brain


A new technique that allows doctors to remove clots from the brain is being hailed as the biggest revolution in stroke treatment in 20 years. 

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Frank Blum has the body of a ­whippet and the handshake of a wrestler. Given the stroke that ­paralysed his right arm in June 2015, it is extraordinary that his “hello” is such a bone crusher.

Blum, 53, was having a ­morning coffee with his family at their Huapai, Auckland, home when the blood clot in the middle cerebral artery on the left side of his brain took his speech, and his movement, mid-sentence.

He watched as the cup he held in his right hand dropped and smashed, while his arm, seemingly with a life of its own, flailed back and forth across the table before falling limply at his side. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came.

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